HExhibition systems


We offer a wide range of exhibition systems, structural elements and constructions, equipmentfor interiors, portable presentation systems and various accessories from MERO company. On the basis of your request, we will provide a free of charge consultation for you and prepare a custom-made offer, including the price quote.4D system NEW! – modular multi-floor system – fast assembly – attractive design- suitable for demanding standards of foreign trade fair administration  – universal static calculations per one module     4D obr                         The system offers an economically suitable solution of two or more floor exhibitions which enable multiple use of the exhibition area. Constructions from rods and connecting points, variable wall elements, load-bearing octagonal props, decorative supports and a wide range of accessories, such as staircases, railings, decorative wires and modular floor system places MERO 4D high above the level of the other systems thanks to its variability.16851 It can be easily combined with other MERO constructions. Although it is a system intended mainly for implementation of multi-floor exhibitions, this type of use is not obligatory.



R8 systemA well known and commonly used aluminium exhibition system manufactured in various colour variants.2004_mefa_panep-1 The basic construction elements of this system include a vertical octagonal prop, horizontal interconnecting elements of various shapes and lengths – so called multibeams, and filler panels. 2009_Msv_rhenusThe prop enables placing of multibeams in the angles of 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315 and 360 degrees. The R8 system can be combined with MEROFORM and ADVANTEC systems.



R8+ system  It is an extension of the standard R8 system and it significantly extends the use of this system. The basic elements of the system include a prop and a horizontal connecting profile. For R8 and R8+ systems, it is possible to use identical horizontal interconnecting profiles, it is possible to use identical filler panels, i.e. both systems can be easily combined together.