KK-Ball Node Systemload applied to the nodessingle- or multi-layereach node has up to 18 threaded holes as pin jointed connectionsgives greatest freedom in designNK-Bowl Node Systemdouble-layer structurepin-jointed connection to the nodeslower chord as ball node systemplane or vurved surfacesaverage to wide-span structureZK-Cylinder Node Systemsingle-layer structure in triangular and/or trapezoidal surface geometrybend resistant connectioni.g. for curved surfaces of average span structuressmall to middle spanscladding elements fixed directity on membersTK-Disc Node Systemsingle-layer system in triangular surface geometrypin-jointed connection to the nodescurved surfaces of small to average span structuresBK-Block Node Systemsingle- or multi-layer structuresingle bolted connectionssharp changes in inclination of roof i.e. shedDouble-Nodesingle layer structures, with high, slender sectionsbending-stiff, pin-jointed connectionsplan and curved free-formed grid-shells with large warpageMesseMailand