Starting from 100 m² we realize nearly every desired design on our EDP-driven printing machine.This ChromoJet-Injection technique in principle is like the common inkjet-printers for EDP use. At the ChromoJet-application a printhead (Weight ca. 4.5t) is moved against the raw-white carpets production direction. While this printhead is moving, up to 8 different colors are computerized hosed down by 6.144 InkJets-nozzles. This results in a print density of 1.000.000 printing dots per squaremeter, unbelievable acutance at nearly unlimited variety of designs.As we have a seperate production plant of this technique in “small format” at hand, our customers will get print samples in sizes of 100 x 100 cm to easily choose the right product and design.
Views of the printing machineimage_resized-1
Horizontal dampers (25m long), fixing of the color at 98 degree celsius full steamChromoJet M-400 printhead (4.5t) at workNozzle alignment of the single colors. They are underneath the printhead. Fineness/Division: 400 nozzles are corresponding to 24,5 dpi (1mm) resolutionColor station: 32 containers (ranging from 250 bis 6.000 Liters)image_resized-3